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About Myself

Hi guys my name is Mj and I live in a province where mountains and rice fields are many in there. I’m not fluent in speaking in English and sometimes I wrote wrong grammar. I am a person with a lot of dreams but I am lazy to do it. I honest with you that I am lazy. Once I have opportunity to study in a good school but because of cowardness and scared, I’d refuse.

That’s why my life until now is useless, jobless and until now I’m depending on my parents.

I’ll do blogging because I want to write everything whats in my mind. I want to express myself by writing that I didn’t do it in person.

I’m shy person and coward. If ever I don’t have this, maybe I am a successful now with profession.

I want to change myself, my attitude, and my life. I want to have self confidence and build my self esteem.

And I want a better me!

This is me😔

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